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Yarn You Really Want!

Yarns dyed with plant-based dyes

The Darling Yarn Company, Ltd combines fine animal fiber yarns with beautiful plant based dyes to bring you some of the most amazing yarn you can work with. Tested for fastness, my yarn is produced with the discerning knitter and crocheter in mind. You must experience the yarn for yourself to believe! The Darling Yarn Company, Ltd yarns retail exclusively at The Artful Yarn in Chagrin Falls, Ohio-

The yarn shop is just down the road from my workshop where I hand dye each skein in small batches with great care and a serious eye toward keeping the process earth friendly. I dye only a few times a year, in what I call my “dye sessions”. Each dye session will feature different yarns, but will always include everyone’s favorite 100% alpaca sport weight yarn. I source plants for dyeing yarn from my garden as well as the fields and forests around my home . . . and even from edibles like avocado! Come take a look and feel for yourself. Your eyes and fingers will be inspired! Questions? Contact me, Christine at

My colors are derived from what I gather and what I purchase from a botanical supplier in Washington State. The entire dyeing process is non-toxic and all left over water and dye is safe to dispose of down the drain. This is important for my own health as well as to ensure I am not polluting. Keeping these parameters I still find gorgeous color and achieve luxurious results. You won’t find me scaling up and taking short cuts. My yarns are available only locally on purpose. I am working within our own fiber shed to produce a unique and valuable yarn product for those of us lucky enough to call the Chagrin Valley our home.

A customer made this darling baby sweater from 100% alpaca sport dyed in avocado.

A customer created this baby outfit from 100% alpaca in sport, dyed in daffodil.

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