Fall Sessions doowop

So the Fall Dyeing Session is wrapped up, well not yet wrapped, but hanging and drying. I can’t wait to get knitting with some of this yarn. For the worsted I am knitting up the Boyfriend Scarf by Angela Juergens available for free on Ravelry. It will look great in a single color- maybe happy happy yellow! My sport weight will be going into some knit caps for my husband and I for our upcoming 25th Anniversary trip. Not telling you where we are going but it will be cold so I am knitting my version of OneOne Winter Hat by Karen Fechter available on Ravelry for a small fee. I suspect some winter gifts will get worked out too in the form of cabled scarves and mittens. Next dye session is in January. I am going to try ice dyeing. Hmmmmm? Below are some yarns that came out of the pots today, green teas, golden rod, madder, iron and soda ash worked in various combinations brought me these alluring hues.

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