A little Eco print hiatus

We all have to try new things. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we fail. We are always better off for the effort even if it is something we can file as tried that, probably won’t again. I sort of feel that way about monochromatic Eco printing. I took a class online from Irit Dulman, an Israeli printing artist that does gorgeous work. There is always the danger of starting with someone like this because there is no way your own work will even approach hers. Anyway, I succeeded in a few things like finding some great Ohio plants that work very well for monochromatic printing, nine bark and smoke bush, in particular, with some other interesting results that could play into cool stuff if I kept it up. The moon sides were particular great at transferring. I did not find anything that transferred both sides like eucalyptus does. But, really, I love dyeing yarn, perfecting that with new light and colorfast colors and pushing those boundaries. Writing patterns to go with the yarn has been fun as well and something I will continue to pursue. I am a knitter, a sometimes crocheter and not an Eco printer, for the time being at least. It is definitely fun and interesting to try if you get the chance. I definitely won’t be pursuing it for profit! Maybe a t-shirt.

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