A little experiment time!

Hi to all those who are new to my blog. I try to keep it infrequent and only blog when I am doing something new. I am. So as the weather gets crisp and cool, I am on the lookout for new ways to stay warm and cuddly. I found a Tencel/recycled wool blend yarn that has piqued my interest. First it is beautiful, wound well, and sustainably sourced. It is crisp and has a unique structure that will really show off some of your stitch work. Dyeing this in natural dyes results in a slightly heathered look that is just wonderful. Here is my artful shot of my first two skeins:

I seem to love pink and red, but I want to use some of my oak and walnut and barks to get some interesting tans/browns/grays on this. Blues will be a winner too. This is not in retail yet; I will put some more shots here as I dye. if you think this is something you’d like to let me know. It will be 100g hanks, 380 yards of fingering. You can always reach out to me at thedarlingyarn@com. This is a great yarn to give natural dyes a try on. There are a lot of great things that one skein can make, hats, mits, snoods (BTW saw the cutest doggy snoods for Halloween, I think next year I am going to get a pattern out for those, so adorable). Anyway, I digress, enjoy stocking up on yarns for the winter, and then be sure to enjoy the knit. The journey is as important as the finished product. Sort of like life, eh?

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