Back from Vacay, got inspired

We had the privilege of travelling for a bit over two weeks out west in Sedona, Capital Reef National Park and Bryce Canyon. We had a lot of time to really explore Capitol Reef and I just got reminded once again why I want to work hard to make less of a footprint on this earth. (I know travel itself is a footprint.) I am zeroing in on making The Darling Yarn Company, Ltd. as superwash free as I can, but superwash yarn has its place. Why do I want to offer non-superwash yarns? Making superwash yarn is a pretty caustic process that suprised me when I learned about it. The process chemically removes parts of the yarn that are a little rougher then adds a very thin layer of plastic to the yarn that makes it not compostable. It is impossible, at this time, to buy all clothes and fiber that are unpolluting and do not contain plastics, but each non-superwash skein I produce will be a small effort from my hands to yours to offer a cleaner product. I continue to seek US made yarns and it looks like I will be in good shape for my winter dye session in that regard- more on that later when I actually secure the yarn bases. In the meantime I am knitting up some fun samples and will get those posted soon. The Artful Yarn has my yarn in stock, some alpaca sport and some 100% organic merino worsted weight, so stop by to check it out. My test yarn is sitting for three months now in the window and is unfazed! We are working on a mitten pattern to wow you and the Avocado Toast Hat by Tiffany is in the store (pattern on Ravelry) with yarn to choose from. OK, so I need to get ready for Winter Dye Session. I am thinking in blues!

Fall Sessions doowop

So the Fall Dyeing Session is wrapped up, well not yet wrapped, but hanging and drying. I can’t wait to get knitting with some of this yarn. For the worsted I am knitting up the Boyfriend Scarf by Angela Juergens available for free on Ravelry. It will look great in a single color- maybe happy happy yellow! My sport weight will be going into some knit caps for my husband and I for our upcoming 25th Anniversary trip. Not telling you where we are going but it will be cold so I am knitting my version of OneOne Winter Hat by Karen Fechter available on Ravelry for a small fee. I suspect some winter gifts will get worked out too in the form of cabled scarves and mittens. Next dye session is in January. I am going to try ice dyeing. Hmmmmm? Below are some yarns that came out of the pots today, green teas, golden rod, madder, iron and soda ash worked in various combinations brought me these alluring hues.

Fall Colors!

I have gathered fall foliage, extracted the colors and added the prepped yarn to the dye pots. I have cured and washed and am now drying the beautiful yelllows, oranges, reds, burgundies, pinks and tans and greys. Can’t wait to get them to the shop. Keep an eye out for an adorable hat pattern by Tiffany Perry. We will be pairing some alpaca sport with her deceivingly simply pattern.