My Clarity Was Less Than Perfect

Alas, I see why I love Isabell Kraemer’s pattern, she is thorough, thorough, thorough. So one of my customers pointed out that the instructions on the Darling Hat were not as clear as they should have been. When I instruct to repeat the pattern 6 times, this is around the hat. You will only work the chart once vertically (6 times around). I hope that clears things up. The photo does indicate this, but I realize I did not include a large enough photo to help anyone. Any more questions please let me know.

I do hope the approach of winter is treating you well. We all have many projects on our needles, I completed several with my yarn and several with other’s. All gifts of course! Who gets to knit for themselves these days? Dyeing is done for the season, which is nice, I am working on a pattern for early Spring, and I will take note of how it leaves my head to get to yours more closely this time.

Knit Naturally,


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